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PSD Promotions is dedicated to sourcing local and international vocational, information technology and business publications. Our aim is to provide you with regular, up-to-date information on new title releases, stockholding of fast-moving titles and a local return facility.

We have constructed this website to give you a "sneak preview" on new and hot titles relating to a specific subject and to show you how PSD can benefit you by satisfing all of your needs.

Three easy steps to follow when browsing our site.

1.    Click on the subject which appeals to you. There you will find 3 or 4 books which are reviewed. A copy of the front cover, a book review, key features and benefits and who the book is targeted at.
These are all HOT titles - new releases and top sellers.

2.    We have gone one step further and added a "other listings" for further referencing of hot titles in that subject. We have also specified who the targeted audience is...

3.    If you are looking for a specific title and we have not reviewed it. Click on the bookworm on the top right hand corner and mail us with the ISBN number, or author and title of the book and we will reply to you with a pricing and estimated date of delivery within 24 hours.

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